Svivot develops and implements SN-Sphere™ – a comprehensive suite of products and technology that are used in a wide variety of analytical and investigative solutions in intelligence agencies, Financial Intelligence Units (FIU), law enforcement agencies, anti-fraud and marketing departments in telecom and credit card companies, banks and more.

Svivot dedicates a significant portion of its budget to R&D which guarantees that we continue to provide our customers with innovative state of the art products. All of our products and technology are developed in-house which gives us maximum flexibility in our development road map. Svivot uses its field experience and feedback from all of its customers as an important factor in determining future directions of product development.

Our products include:

SN-SphereTM is a suite of components and technologies which can be easily configured and integrated with other systems in a variety of ways to provide specific solutions.

Consider is the component of SN-Sphere which detects and reports various types of changes and trends in the behavior of specific individual entities and networks of entities.

Reveal is an integral part of SN-Sphere that analyzes massive quantities of data and finds networks of associated entities based on sophisticated patterns and profiles.

ContextorTM is SN-Sphere's Investigators' Desktop intelligence system which includes robust analysis tools and an interactive teamwork information system to add, store, compartmentalize, retrieve, share, collate, and disseminate any type of information.