When we use the term "solution", we mean the contribution of our methodology, technology and products to making better decisions about real-life problems in a variety of applications. Creating a solution involves three elements: understanding the problems facing the customer, adapting our methodology and products to meet the specific needs, and implementation including installation, training, tuning and on-going support and maintenance. Svivot has extensive experience in finding the right solution using a variety of paradigms:

Out of the box products – includes built-in wizards for users to adapt the system to their environment and needs.

Turn-key solutions – Svivot works with the customer to design the solution, adapt and sometimes customize the products to the design and implementation services, sometimes including delivery of the hardware and software together.

Integrated systems – Svivot's technology can be integrated as the back end or front end of other systems using our robust SDK (Software Developers Kit) and APIs. This is relevant both for OEM and specific situations.

Hybrid – Svivot is flexible regarding all elements in the solution process in accordance with the sensitivities and individual circumstances of each customer.

The examples presented in this section of the web site are only a representative sample of solutions built using our products. They should not be viewed as if they exhaust the range of possibilities for applying the technology. On the basis of customers’ needs and ongoing development of additional capabilities of the system, this range continues to quickly expand.