About Us


Svivot provides software solutions that analyze data into valuable intelligence used in making the right essential decisions in intelligence, law enforcement, investigative, financial and commercial organizations.

Svivot's technology and products focus on:

  • Exposure and analysis of networks

  • Link analysis of high-volume data streams

  • Data fusion of heterogeneous data

  • Teamwork investigations

  • Visualizing & documenting  complex cases

Svivot's Advantages

Svivot has accumulated comprehensive field experience in implementing intelligence solutions. This experience has spearheaded the development of our unique and proprietary technology to provide critical advantages:

  • Greater quantities and types of data analyzed in less time

  • Deeper analysis – smarter inference engine for more effective network analysis

  • Enhanced functionality – exposure and tracking of networks

  • More flexibility – user defined sophisticated network analysis models

  • Better teamwork collaboration

  • Lower cost of ownership

  • Data fusion of heterogeneous data types

  • Data compression to minimize data storage

  • Easy to use by non-technical personnel


Svivot is a private company owned by the senior management team. The company was founded in 1990 and since its inception has developed software products and complementary solutions. In 1999 Svivot began to focus exclusively on the development of proprietary technology and products related to drawing intelligence inferences. The technology and products are distributed under the brand names SN-Sphere™ and Contextor™. Svivot has a long list of distinguished customers globally in 5 continents. The technology has proven its maturity during its use by these customers: operationally, stability, functionality, flexibility, effectiveness, and scalability.